VariJET 106

VariJET 106

VariJET 106


The VariJET 106 marries the time-tested press engineering of the Rapida 106 with the latest generation of single-pass printing technology from Durst, a leading supplier in the field of inkjet printing. This technology enables the two companies to offer solutions to meet future challenges in folding carton production. At the same time, users are presented with a whole host of new business opportunities: Infotainment packaging which enables links to the virtual world, folding cartons with local references or for different distribution channels, seasonal or target-group-specific packaging. There are practically no limits to the possibilities. With the VariJET 106, you can implement the innovative ideas of brand owners and packaging designers. In addition, the VariJET 106 pairs the strengths of digital inkjet printing with those of the classic offset process and inline finishing in a single production system. For print products with added value. For the folding carton market of the future.


• Seven colours for achieving an extensive colour spectrum • Inkjet pre-treatment unit • Post-inkjet coating unit • Pre-treatment printing unit • Fuji Dimatix Samba print heads with variable droplet size • Automatic cleaning of the print heads • Sheet transport using a stainless steel suction belt • Register accuracy thanks to the exactly defined clearance between substrate and print head


• Press control via a console with touchscreen interface • Integrated error diagnosis and remote maintenance • Inline quality monitoring and control • Inkjet print heads can be replaced by the operator • Standard offset components mean familiar substrate handling


Sheet format

Maximum 750 x 1,060 mm

Minimum 540 x 750 mm

Print format

Maximum: 720 x 1,037 mm


Standard 0.2 – 0.8 mm

Gripper margin 10 mm

Printing speed

5,500 sheets/h

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