Durst P5

Durst P5

The P5 250 HS is targeted towards high volume industrial production, as well as one-offs in offset quality. P5 relates to five core features at the heart of this technology: productivity, reliability, workflow, versatility and print quality. The P5 technology consists of a series of new generation printers along with newly, in-house developed software and workflow solutions. The family also has state of the art, touch operation-based user-interfaces and leading-edge remote service capabilities. Everything is aimed and streamlined to maximize performance and uptime of the printing family, along with unparalleled flexibility in media and job handling. Durst’s iconic industrial design, which was originally developed by the famous Ottl Eicher, has gone a further step with the P5. A design studio from Munich canvassed opinions from many customers and operators with a view to integrating their wishes into a new concept. This has been achieved for the P5 and feedback will be incorporated into many Durst product lines in the future. When compared to the industry benchmark – Durst P10 250 HS – the new P5 is 70% more productive. Featuring latest MEMS nozzle plates powered by Durst proprietary data-path and electronics, the result is a high-speed printing system with ultra-precise drop placement and industrial level reliability.

Technical overview

Drop size 7 pl  
Color channels CMYK  
Roll printing width 347 cm  
Board printing width 350 cm  
Single roll Included  
Smart multitrack boards printing mode (2 boards) Included  
Double side board printing option Included  
Double side roll printing option (for single roll) Included  
Roll tables Foldable up to 140 cm  
Software: Durst Workflow Print and Durst Analytics Included  
UV curing technology LED  

Colors Light colors, white under/over, varnish, PCA  
Dual roll option Optional  
Double side printing option (for dual roll) Optional  
Multiroll unwinder/take up system 2 x single, single and dual, 2 x dual  
Roll media option 19 Not available  
Heavy duty roll media option Not available  
Smart multitrack boards printing (up to 6) Optional  
Automatic width detection and tickness control Optional  
Loading/unloading roll tables extension Optional (up to 220 cm)  
Tracks for corrugated printing option Single or dual tracks  
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